Stream of Positive Customer Feedback coming in from Kerah Lane's recently launched Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula

September 07, 2015

Being only one month in the marketplace, a stream of positive customer feedback is flowing in - proving that Kerah Lane's Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula is quite effective.

While many products claim to offer relief for ingrown hairs and razor bumps, the truth is most leave a great deal to be desired due to their being packed with chemicals and harsh ingredients. However, Kerah Lane's new Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula is the exception to this. Safe, effective and with a formula that's natural and organic based the company recently announced that they are celebrating the product being the recipient of very positive feedback from customers.

"Nearly one month on after our launch, we are overjoyed to see that our customers are enjoying this revolutionary product," commented Jo Adams from Kerah Lane. "It is always refreshing hearing from happy customers how much they love our Razor Bump and Ingrown Hair Formula."

The Kerah Lane Razor Bump and Ingrown Hair Formula, according to the company, takes a very different approach to relieving this irritating problem than competing products. The natural and organic formula is made primarily of a mix of essential oils which have been shown to sooth and treat the problem very quickly and effectively. Continual customer feedback certainly has agreed.

Ellen, recently said, in an example of the very positive reviews pouring in, "The first thing I noticed when opening this formula is the awesome smell. It smells like an orchard on a sunny spring day. They say smells are the best memory triggers there is, and that is what this smell reminds me of.
I tried it on my legs and it is soothing and cooling on contact. It immediately takes down the redness and irritation. I normally put off shaving as long as possible because my skin is so sensitive and I get razor bumps all the time, it doesn't look good and it is uncomfortable. With this serum, I will be able to go out with confidence at any time. As an added bonus, it is natural and organic based. I am trying to remove as much chemical based products as possible from my life".