BlackGel Tube 100ml

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About the Product

Our Black Gel is an alcohol-free hair styling gel that gives an intense touch of color to grey hair, making it shiny, protected and defined.

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Barber & Hairdresser Recommended & Guaranteed to make you look years younger by covering that Salt & Pepper (gray hair) look.
Its a styling gel and black hair dye in one. No long tiresome treatments at the salon, just simply apply and leave on to temporarily cover those white or yellowing hairs.


  • One application lasts all day, and washes off in the shower!

  • Product doesn't stain clothes or leave a residue.

  • Great grooming product, suitable for all hair types and lengths, even suitable to use on your graying beard.

  • 100ml Tube

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed, however if you aren't satisfied, simply return our Black Hair Gel within 30 days for a full refund.


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