Sensual Body Massage Oil 8oz

THE BEST MASSAGE OIL: Whether you're looking to give your partner the sexy spa treatment or are opting to stay self-indulgent to soothe your own tired skin, our massage oil will provide the foundation upon which, you can create the ideal atmosphere

EXPERIENCE DEEP RELAXATION: This luxurious oil will transform any home into the distinctive atmosphere of a sensual bath house. It provides the ideal glide for a therapeutic and sensual experience, providing immediate muscle relief, while the perfect absorption rate ensures an intimate, residue-free massage

INVIGORATING SCENT FOR THE MOST INTIMATE MOMENTS: The aroma of Lavender and Bergamot alone is enough to calm and reduce anxiety improving your mood and outlook, bringing emotional balance to the body and mind

REJUVINATE YOUR BODY: Use aromatherapy to enhance your psychological and physical well-being, capitalizing on the natural properties of lavender. Combine that with its skin soothing, muscle relaxing properties when applied using massage therapy and the whole body benefits even more  

PURE AND SENSATIONAL, GUARANTEED: A fantastic product, made in the US. It will surpass even the highest of expectations with is quality. Feel confident trying it today, knowing that we stand behind our product, offering a 30 days money back guarantee

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