Are the products appropriate for vegans?

Whilst not all products are vegan friendly, we strive to ensure our products are appropriate for vegans. 

What happens if the product is ineffective?

If the product is ineffective or you are dissatisfied with the product, it can be refunded within 30 days following the purchase, assuming the customer still holds purchase details.

Am I able to use paypal?

Paypal is accepted for payment.

Is there a delivery cost?

Delivery charges range depending where you are located, at checkout once your order has been finalized and you have entered the shipping details It will estimate the delivery costs. If you require any assistance or require a discount on shipping please contact us directly and we will help!

How do I contact the company?

Email: info@kerahlane.com

Are the skin products appropriate for sensitive skin?

With the naturally sourced ingredients as the foundation for these products, even the most sensitive skins will be able to use the creams and formulas. When using the ingrown hair formula, people with sensitive skin are recommended to wash the product off once dry. For all products we suggest placing a small amount on the back of your hand or elbow to ensure there are no adverse reactions before applying the product liberally. 

How do I know what pain relief product to purchase?

What pain relief cream you buy depends on the intensity of the pain. The Body Calm Cream, is more tailored to soothe and calm the body, whereas the Herbal Heat Cream is specifically has a warming effect which comforts greater, more intense injuries and pain.

Does the razor bump and ingrown hair formula prevent or just remove the ingrown hairs?

This product can do both with continual use.

How long do the pain relief products generally relieve pain for?

The pain relief creams can last, in general, around a few hours. Of course with any ongoing pain please seek help from your medical professional

What else can the Ingrown hair formula help with?

This formula can also help with acne, razor burns and can some customers have found it help with evening out skin tone. 

What if the product stings when I apply it?

Always start by using the product in very small amounts to ensure no abnormal reaction. We usually suggest applying to the back of the hand or elbow to test before using liberally. If any adverse reactions please discontinue use


How much should I apply of Body Calm and Herbal Heat Cream?

Around a dime or coin size to the painful area.

How long should I rub Herbal Heat and Body Calm in for?

The formula is friction and sweat activated, so only rub until the formula is absorbed.


What should I do if it gets in my eyes?

For any of the products, wash your eyes immediately with water. 

When would be the best time to use Body Calm & Herbal Heat products?

After a shower or bath would be the best time as the skin pores would be open and can absorb the creams better.